Our Mission
We offer assistance to the critically ill, to special needs individuals, and to our military during times of hardship and need.

Click & Pledge Next Generation Grant

This special honor entitled us to take part in a 20-30 minute documentary created by professional digital story tellers who believe in the power of nonprofits.  We will be part of a series, with other charitable organization, aired before national audiences this upcoming year. The key component or this grant was a short essay on “What does home mean to you”.

Home to us is not where you lay your head, but rather where your heart is.  It’s making a difference in the world we live in today, tomorrow, and our future. It’s standing up for what you believe in,  protecting, aiding, and helping others facing  difficult times. It’s lending a hand when you’re not asked to.  It’s  helping others climb that mountain that life throws at us, and many times the mountain after that, and the mountain after that.  It’s what we do that makes a home.  It’s the love, tears, and sharing that brings us all  together. Home is so much more than a warm bed, a roof over our head, and a comfortable couch. Home is a feeling that lifts us up and opens our hearts to others. t is love, security, and a connection.  It is making a difference in the world we live in today.

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Joshua Golf Classic 2019

Thank you for making the 2019 Joshua Golf Classic a success. Check out the pictures.

Joshua Harr Shane Foundation Sponsors Ongoing Development at RWJ Hamilton

Joshua Harr Shane Serves Community through Development At RWJ Hamilton

Joshua Harr Shane Foundation Sponsors Patient Rehab Room, Stroke Gym and PET/CT room at RWJ Hospital, Hamilton, NJ

JHSF Media Books

Read what’s going on at the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation. Our Media Books are a great way to see what we’re all about!

Thank You So Much – JHSF

Thank You Joshua Harr Shane Foundation

Joshua Harr Shane Thumbs Up

Joshua Harr Shane Foundation Accomplishments

Hello friends, look what we have accomplished with your generous support!

JHSF Helps with Dental Surgery

Megan needed dental surgery. Due to the many challenges that she faces…

Michael’s Story

Thank you for your dinners, generosity and kindness…

Grounds For Sculpture

Thank you to the Joshua Harr Shane Foundation for funding our visit to the Grounds for Sculpture!

A Sincere Thank You to The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation

What you have given to me and my family is treasured and will never be forgotten.


The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation was founded in 2000 to honor Joshua Harr Shane

Joshua cared deeply about others and because of this, he had dreams of becoming a doctor. The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation helps those in need of care, support, assistance and love. JHSF is different from most non-profits because we work directly with the people who need help. All bills are paid directly to their sources.

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